New Details About Montreal Troubles

New Details About Montreal Troubles

Unimportant work on drafts and even more depressing history of exchanges forced Montreal to overpay defender Jeff Petry. The Canadiens gave him the right to choose in the second and fourth rounds of the Draft 2015, and then prevented him from entering the free agent market by offering a contract for six years totaling $ 33 million (7 million, 7 million, 6 million, 5 million, 4 million, 4 million), in which there is still a point about the impossibility of exchange.

Jeff Petry

In general, the deal is nothing special, as today 5.5 million defender of the second pair – this is the order of things. At least for the next six years, Petry will receive the same amount as Brooks Orpik earns in Washington or Mattieu Carel at Tampa Bay. And bookmakers can take bets on the fact that the contracts of Orpik and Carle will become a burden for their organizations much earlier than the same thing will happen with the agreement of Petry`s. He is only 27 years old, so it is easy to assume that he will manage to maintain his level until the end of the season-2020/21. And if Petry will show the Canadiens in the sweater the same game that we saw in the playoffs, then everyone in Montreal will be extremely pleased.


But still, is he as good as, for example, Anton Stralman, who, at the same age, last summer signed a contract with Lightning for 1 year and 1 million less? No, considering how the Sweden showed himself in blue uniform all season and in the Stanley Cup. But Petry was a passion as useful in this playoffs, and if he had not signed a contract with “Montreal”, then July 1 for him would have lined up, with big money including.

Nathan Beaulieu and Jarred Tinordi

The problems that “Montreal” suddenly faced were Nathan Beaulieu and Jarred Tinordi, who were unable to accept themselves as defenders of the top four. Looks something good, but for a player with this speed, he works too little with his feet. Tinordi himself put off himself in the long box if he does anything at all. Most likely, both of them will conclude transitional contracts this summer.

The story rests in the summer of 2006, when Edmonton took Jeff Petry’s draft in the second round. “Canadiens” that year got hold of just four defensive players, including those chosen under the common 20th number by David Fisher. If the world was ideal, Fisher would fill the niche of the right-handed defender in the camp of the Hubs. But he did not have a single match in the NHL, and today he plays in the German Championship. In fact, all four defenders of that draft were honored in the amount of three NHL matches.

Ryan McDonagh

Here, the 2007 draft “Montreal” was clearly a success: Ryan McDonagh (12th overall), Max Pacioretty (22nd overall), P-Kay Subban (43rd general) and Yannick Weber (73rd general). Ideally, McDonagh would eat the lion’s share of time in the Montreal sweater, if it were not exchanged for Scott Gomez – this deal lies in a fat black spot on the reputation of the then management club headed by Bob Gagni. McDonagh, meanwhile, is a defender, superior to Petry in terms of level, and four more seasons will receive $ 4.7 million from the Rangers.

Therefore, “Montreal”, knowing about his hit in the playoffs, in deadline drew attention to Petry. That’s only his 5.5 million dollars below the salary ceiling leave even less room for maneuver, and the Canadiens urgently need help at the forefront of the attack. Petry can perfectly move the puck, but this does not make any sense if the attackers do not own at least some poor arsenal of non-standard actions.

Yes, again: Petry is a right-handed defender. As Tampa Bay general manager Steve Yzerman said at a meeting with journalists on Tuesday, the five-year contract with Anton Stralman was a great help on the way to the Stanley Cup Final.

“The main reason we signed such a contract is a huge gaping gap in the composition,” said Aizerman. “We needed a defensive player with a right grasp.” We have a militant team. A player of this caliber can easily decide the outcome of matches, and in the first season he did it “.